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Moving Tips

Please, keep in mind that packing your property when moving out is often a time-consuming and demanding process. Very much depends on the way you pack your belongings. Properly packed things are easier to transport and much more difficult to damage during the removal.

Inventory of property
Before you start packing, it is good to make a list of all the items which are to be relocated. This list will help you remember about everything and get rid of completely unnecessary things.

Preparations for packing
Gather all the useful packaging materials:

  • cartons and boxes

  • packaging tape

  • protective blankets

  • stretch foil

  • bubble wrap

  • corrugated fiberboard

The most universal means used to pack equipment are cardboard boxes. Think of any things that may be needed in the course of your removal and the things you should have under constant control. Do not pack everything. If you have things which you do not need on a daily basis but which you plan to take with you anyway, start packing them in advance. Over time, start packing more important things.

Packing property, remember that it will be exposed to mechanical forces during transport. Therefore, try to protect it with dependable materials suitable for particular objects. Wrap all the fragile and breakable items in wrapping paper. Fill them tightly with balls made from pressed wrapping paper, which will reduce the risk of breakage to a minimum. This is particularly important in the case of glasses and wine glasses.

Cover the corners, legs and other delicate parts of furniture by wrapping them with a layer of foam rubber or foam. Do not forget to number your drawers and shelves so that they can be easily put into place later on.
Try to pack heavier items in smaller packages. As for household appliances & audio/video devices, use original packaging or pack them in cartons. Alternatively, you can wrap them in bubble wrap and corrugated fiberboard.

Be sure to describe precisely the content of every carton!



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